Hi, my name is Eve :-)

Dating after Divorce was created in 2009, when I myself was going through the daily grind of finding good, quality men out there in a world that seemed wrought with losers, egomaniacs and Mommy's boys.

I am divorced (twice I might add!) and I have been blessed with four AMAZING children.

I have met and dated some "interesting" characters to say the least, and had some equally "interesting" experiences, in the most challenging game of all - the Dating Game.

I have since discovered that all it takes to find a good, quality man is to BE a good, quality WOMAN... that plus a small dose of confidence and irresistibly thrown in ;-)

I have met my Mr Right, and he is EVERYTHING I was looking for in a partner - and handsome to boot! ;-)

I am here to share with you all that I have learned and applied to spot and avoid the men who either have a hidden agenda or just plain don't know what they want! And to turn up your inner irresistibly to attract the men who are worth dating, and then catching your very own Mr Right :-)

Are you ready to discover your true inner Goddess?

Are you ready to meet more good men than you could have ever imagined?

Are you ready to get in the Dating game and play it like a winner?

Well then let the journey begin!



We'll be covering topics like:

Discovering your own inner Goddess

Finding love on-line

Attraction killers

Getting your flirt on

Texting do's and don'ts

First dates

Intimacy issues

To kiss or not to kiss

And soooo many more :-)



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