“Do You Have To Be Gorgeous To Attract Men?<?

How important are looks when it comes to getting and keeping the attention of a guy?

There is no question that looks are important, but in exactly what way? How do men really feel about this?

Over and over again, men have agreed that it is not that they expect women to be drop-dead gorgeous, but that a woman "do the best with what she has."

Men do not expect or even want Barbie dolls - but men DO want a woman who "takes care of herself" and who "does the best with what she has."

Doing the best with what we have is actually fun - it reaps increased self-esteem for oneself. And what we do with our looks must ultimately be to please ourselves or else we won't be true to ourselves.

You’ve all watched one or more of the “Make over” series. You see how a seemingly drab and boring-looking woman makes the transformation into an alluring and very attractive version of her former self.

And most of these women are even a little over weight to begin with.

But we’re not talking plastic surgery and lypo suction here, we’re talking closet revamp and good make-up application.

A healthy eating plan and excersise also go hand in hand with boosting those feel-good emotions.

There’s nothing that screams “Insecure” louder than a woman who hates the way she looks (whatever part of herself she might hate).

If you’re not happy in your own skin, you cannot hope to make a man feel attracted to you.

On the other hand, if you allowed yourself a make-over of an emotional kind, and you accepted yourself just the way you are, and then worked with what you have – this acceptance will project your confidence.

Yes, there are things about yourself that you can change if you feel you could do with a little attraction-boost.

Start with your wardrobe: Ask a good friend (someone who will be honest with you and not simply agree with you so as not to hurt your feelings) to give you their opinion on the outfits you have. Dress up in your different favourites, and let your gal-pal tell you whether she thinks you are doing yourself and your body an injustice by wearing what you think may look good on you.

There’s no need to do a complete wardrobe overhaul, but start by replacing a few items at a time.

I’m sure you’ve looked at other women and thought: “Gee! She really should not wear that style of blouse or skirt or trousers – it does nothing for her shape or her age”. And if that woman was your friend I’m sure you’d want her to know that.

Make up is an integral part of being feminine. You don’t need to apply layers of the stuff, but most of us could use a little help with some carefully applied mascra or blemish concealer, and a dab of colour on the lips.

If you think you are naturally beautiful and don’t need the help of Revlon or Maybelline, then you’re one of the lucky few.

Even super models need a touch and a dab here and there.

Does your hairstyle suit the shape of your face and your age? Or are you wearing a no-fuss, no-hassle do, just to minimize your styling time?

Ask your hairdresser next time you have a cut. She (or he) is trained to know which styles suit which shape of face and hair type.

The worst thing you can do to your self esteem is to be stuck in the same clothing style and hair style for years on end.

A change is as good as a holiday, and a closet and hair-do re-style is as good as a complete make-over!

You’ll be amazed how these small grooming changes will boost your self confidence.

And a confident woman is an attractive woman – no matter if she is short, tall, thin, chubby, gorgeous or plain-Jane.

So go on – spoil yourself and give your self image a boost.

Then get our there and show off your new, gorgeous, confident self to the world.

And watch the men turn to look twice!