Before we dig into the tips and advice for what to look for when preparing for and choosing future dates, it’s important to take a look at your heart and your purpose for dating.

It’s true that getting involved in the social scene is vital to your emotional and mental well-being.
But beware of rebound dating - where you’re tempted to throw yourself into the arms of the next cutie that happens to look your way.

Getting back into the dating scene as soon as possible is important, but not if you’re just going to throw yourself into a spiteful romance where you “use” the other person while you lick your wounds.

Avoid jumping into bed with a string of willing partners because it can undermine your long term
mental health - not to mention ruin your chances of having a lasting solid relationship in the future.
This form of rebound dating can be most damaging to all parties involved.

So examine why you really want to date right now – make sure you’re in a healthy state of mind.
It can make the difference between a good start and a bad one. Sure, you feel lonely because of the
loss in your life and have a void to fill, but think hard about why you want to get involved with another man.

You’re most vulnerable after a break up and are apt to make rash decisions based on emotions, which can lead right into another foolish relationship.
So ask yourself if there is any chance that you will reconcile with your ex.

Do you even want to?

If it’s possible, then this time of dating is more for staying involved socially, letting both of you have some time apart to think things over.
Dating can be a help to you in ways that might not make sense right now.

It can take your mind off of your ex for a time and can actually be the best thing for both of you.
Then if they happen to see you happily engaging with someone else, they may “see what they were missing” and attempt to re-establish connections.

On the other hand, if you’ve determined that you need to leave that old relationship behind, dating will expand your horizons and prepare you for other better relationships in the future.

A healthy approach to dating is like a smorgasbord.
Tasting new relationships is a normal, healthy way to approach meeting your future mate.
You test the waters with those of the opposite sex through casual meetings in the form or drinks, dancing, dinner out (not at his place or yours for the first couple of dates at least), movies, walks in the park, etc. There are no commitments – just have a good time getting to know a new person with no expectations beyond that – yet.

While sexual intimacy may be the driving force behind dating for some, be honest and don’t make this your #1 goal.
Just because he or she is a hottie on the outside, it doesn’t mean there’s much in common where it really counts.
You need to resist the urge to become intimate for as long as possible.

We all need that part of a relationship, but it will mean so much more if you two really have more in common than over-stimulated hormones.

Solid, lasting relationships rarely begin with casual sex on the first date.
So think long and hard about jumping right into bed.

There will be time enough for sharing intimacy if it is right for you.